SMM 001 | Kim Fitzpatrick | How to Achieve Success Through Transformative Personal Development

In this episode, Carol Elizabeth interviews Kim FitzPatrick, CEO and co-founder of Jamie and Kim Fitzpatrick Fitness. Kim shares how she has managed to TRANSFORM her life through some powerful personal development. This episode is peppered with personal anecdotes, parenting tips and business hacks.

We kick off this engaging episode with Kim reminiscing about her past. Hearing about Kim’s mother and her sacrifice is sure to envelop you with sadness. You will learn how Kim finally managed to emerge from the hurt caused by this personal tragedy early in her life.

Kim also shares some heartwarming details about Jamie, her partner in life and business. Kim talks about their professional and personal struggles, and how they managed to overcome them.

How did Jamie and Kim get started in the business of wellness coaching? And how has professional success impacted her and her family?

Kim shares how success has finally allowed her to be a “present” and doting parent – something that all of busy parents keenly wish for, but yet few are able to achieve.

We wrap up this episode with a POWERFUL message meant for all women who feel they need to regain control of their life.  Hearing Kim’s story, her tribulations and eventual triumphs might just be the inspiration you need to get all FIRED up.

What You Will Discover In This Episode:

  •       How to realize your full potential
  •       Personal Developments Tips and Tricks
  •       Nuances of Social Media Marketing
  •       Tips for women who are struggling to find a work life balance
  •       How to be a “present” and responsible parent

Time Stamped Show Notes:

01:28 – Kim reminisces about her life 10 years back
02:59 – Kim’s mother is her hero; learn how Kim’s mother succumbed to cancer for her daughter’s sake
05:04 – How Kim battled with low self-esteem in her twenties
06:30 – How life’s ups and downs have strengthened Kim’s relationship with her husband
07:30 – Kim shares how her mother demise eventually shaped her parenting skills
09:38 – Kristie, Kim’s sister helped get rid of her victim mentality
11:15 – Kim shares how she finally realized that she was underpaid and underutilized
15:40 – Tips and Tricks for Personal development and how to TRANSFORM your life
18:01 – Kim shares how she was drawn to her husband’s entrepreneurial spirit when she first met him
19:32 – Learn about Jamie and Kim’s professional struggles, and how they managed to overcome them
21:40 – How Jamie and Kim finally started got started with social media marketing
24:40 – Kim espouses on her wonderful synergy with her husband which allows them to work so well together
26:18 – Discussing how the business of social media allows folks to help one another
28:02 – How their business has allowed Kim and her family to set their life in order
32:28 – Kim’s powerful message to all hard working parents who feel that they are failing their children
36:15 – How does Kim inspire women who need to get their life in order?


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