SMM 004 | The End Of Choice Overwhelm

In this episode, Carol talks about a phenomenon that is an offshoot of this digital world – choice overwhelm. Because, we have so much information on our figure tips, we often tend to get overwhelmed with this abundance of information. And the end result? Zilch. Nada.

Scared of making the wrong choice we end up doing nothing at all. Carol encourages all listeners to stop procrastinating…And act NOW.

And once you make a choice, give some time for things to fall in place. Our generation wants super-fast results. And often, we give into impatience and depart from our chosen path too soon to taste any success. When you start questioning your choice, step back for a bit. And think through. Analyzing your situation with a calm mind will allow you to see the true picture – and ensure that you remain firmly entrenched on your chosen path.

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