SMM 005 | Angela Mcnally | Secrets To Moving Past All Barriers to Your Success

Angela McNally is a business and lifestyle coach, registered nutritionist, wellness expert and meditation teacher. She has worked as a coach for more than a decade and as a consultant in both wellness and marketing for over 15 years. Her deepest passion is working with women across the world as a coach, helping others to create a business and life of their dreams.

She’s a self-taught online designer and personally developed each and every item for sale in her Gift Shop. Over on her blog (aka ‘The Happy Place’), Angela shares all her secrets and stories. Her popular “Story Time” and spirituality related blogs are always the most read each month, which is convenient because they are Angela’s favourite to share, too.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to deal with the changing seasons of life, how to successfully switch careers towards what you’re passionate about and how to overcome resistance and start that business or project that you’ve been holding off on for so long. At the end of the episode you’ll feel more energized to beat that fear and self-doubt, and just do what you know deep down you were built to do; and that’s to be a great achiever who will positively impact lots of lives.

Episode Highlights:

02:02 – Starting out in entrepreneurship and the nutrition and wellness business.
03:50 – Starting a fitness show and selling a $99 weightloss challenge.
04:54 – Her first big break.
06:35 – Demystifying the misconception that a good body brings happiness and success.
08:04 – Overcoming challenges in her business and finances to gradually rebuild herself.
10:02 – How she’s always figured out what to business do and what to go into next.
11:16 – What she was like as a child.
13:23 – Dealing with her childhood issues.
15:23 – Embracing the imperfections of life and being true to oneself.
16:35 – Moving past resistance.
20:10 – The “feel-good routines” bubble created by wellness professionals.
23:05 – Meditation.
25:36 – Self love and self acceptance, and how freeing they are.
28:12 – Tackling information overload and the internal chaos created by too many choices.
31:10 – Attaching happiness to life accomplishments.
32:45 – Focusing on the good to achieve true success.
33:27 – Angela’s reading preferences.
34:39 – The tools and resources Angela uses in coaching women.
36:50 – Angela’s personal mentors and coaches.
38:40 – The importance of having supportive people around us.
42:04 – What she’s working on right now.


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