SMM 006 | New Self vs. Old Self

In today’s podcast, Carol provides various some great nuggets for overcoming self-doubt, especially when the going gets tough. Carol shares the various challenges that she encountered while launching this podcast – and the steps that she took to overcome them.

It is natural for all us to have moments of weakness where doubt and fear supersede confidence and calm. In moments like these, we question ourselves if we have bitten off more than we can chew. How do you steel your mind in tough periods such as these?

Carol shares how a good morning routine can help you immensely. You will learn how penning your thoughts in a journal can be a great stress buster in difficult moments.

You will also learn the nuances of the “SAVER” mindset. Carol shares various hacks that will help you lead a life of abundance and joyousness.

Tune in now for some great self-development TIPS that will help your best self win.

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