SMM 007 | Eden Slobin | How to Deal with Personal Challenges to Find True Success and Enlightenment

In this episode, Carol interview Eden Slobin, a successful entrepreneur in the field of network marketing. Eden shares how she managed to sort out her personality issues and other personal challenges in order to lead a balanced and happy life.

As this engaging episode kicks off, Eden gives you a “peek” into her difficult childhood. Not the one to be bogged down, Eden took the challenge head on and started working at a young age. Her rebellious nature is evident as she further talks about how she dropped out of college to work for her mentor.

How did Eden stumble upon the network marketing business? Can YOU make a comfortable living through this business? Eden shares some little known trade secrets that are sure to be of great interest to you.

You will also learn about Eden healthy attitude towards success and money. We wrap up this heartwarming episode with Eden sharing how personal development played a huge rule in turning her into the confident and vivid woman that she is today. Tune in now!

What You’ll Discover in this Episode:

  • The power of residual income
  • Some little known traits of highly successful people
  • Nuances of the network marketing industry
  • How enlightened people view “success”
  • The importance of feeding yourself with good and positive information

Episode Highlights:

02:02 – Eden shares details of her tough upbringing which fueled her desire for material success
03:38 – How her father’s challenge pushed Eden to take up menial jobs at the tender age of 15!
04:43 – Eden drops out of college to started working for her mentor
05:57 – Eden shares how working in the film industry made her realize the power of residual income
07:39 – The struggle to find a promising venture that would allow a good work-life balance
08:38 – Learn how Eden stumbled a terrific opportunity in the networking marketing business
12:58 – How Eden got inspired by excess and luxury instead of feeling jealousy
15:33 – How having a vision can help you find your “why”
17:38 – How network marketing has changed over the years
18:41 – Nuances of network marketing that you might not be aware of
19:57 – Reasons why quality of a product sold through network marketing product is way better
20:46 – The one critical factor that will help you find SUCCESS in networking marketing
23:58 – Why network marketing industry is the only industry where your peers go all out in order to help you succeed
25:43 – Traits of really successful people – why a fat pay check is not the only barometer of success
26:47 – The importance of being committed to enlightenment in order to find true success
30:29 – How her husband, Zac’s cool headed approach got Eden interested in personal development
32:46 – Eden faces a difficult time in the initial years of her business due to personal resistance and emotional turmoil
34:13 – How her first personal development course allowed her to do a deep dive and address all the hurt and pain
36:27 – The need for a couple to “grow together”
39:50 – Discussing how information can either STRENGTHEN you or completely weaken you
43:03 – How Eden ended up with bring orange, vivid hair


Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives – Authored by Brian Weiss

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