SMM 008 | The Magic Within You

In today’s episode, Carol discusses how stopping other people from controlling your life will allow you to rediscover the magic within you.

Carol shares how a majority of people are just interested in pulling you down. Allowing these people to control your life prevents you from realizing your full potential. Carol stresses the need to take advice and be inspired from folks who are actually living their dream. Are you one of those folks who are scared to step into the unknown?

In this episode, we also discuss the importance of embracing change instead of running away from it.

For folks who are feeling down and out, this episode will remind you that there is magic inside each one of us. You will learn how taking ownership of your life will allow you to unleash this magic – allowing you to build a legacy that you are truly proud of.

Tune into this week’s short episode to rediscover the fire within you.

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