SMM 009 | Angelike Norrie | Identify And Step Into Your Purpose

Angelike Norrie is a happily married, working mother of two girls and a five-time cover model. She previously worked in corporate America as a sales executive after which she became an entrepreneur with a passion for nutrition, fitness, philosophy, and business coaching. She currently runs a multifaceted coaching program called Solutions, that helps women build their physical and spiritual muscles by baring their souls and regaining dominion in all areas of their life.  

She’s a world martial arts champion and great believer in daily discipline. She’s also the author of Life Lines, a four-part journal series for women that provides weekly inspiration, daily reflection and goal setting, all combined with tools for daily meal and exercise tracking. Angelike also runs Body Soulutions, a free online monthly membership club for women who want to be mentored and coached with cutting-edge health information, fun recipes, laughter and goofiness, and strategies for building happy, balanced lives and financial stability.

What You’ll Discover in this Episode:

  • The power of residual income
  • Some little known traits of highly successful people
  • Nuances of the network marketing industry
  • How enlightened people view “success”
  • The importance of feeding yourself with good and positive information

Episode Highlights:

02:12 – Angelike before becoming a cover model and what got her into the profession.

04:58 – Slipping into a depressive state with low self-esteem.

06:36 – Angelike breaking into the corporate world and making six figures.

08:47 – Getting into fitness.

12:28 – Helping women build strong spiritual bodies.

13:47 – Steps towards achieving self-realization and actualization.

18:30 – The origin of Angelike’s “Clear is the new black” philosophy.

21:33 – Seeking God’s intervention in overcoming the insurmountable challenges in her life and family, and embracing her purpose.

23:18 – Speaking for the first time at an event about “Clear is the new black”

26:10 – The point where she got clear about her purpose and who she was.

27:42 – The confusion social media creates and how people can overcome the confusion and use it to achieve clarity.

34:28 – The absurdity of people using social media to measure their worth.

37:04 – Doing purposeful work within your career that creates a legacy outside of your natural legacy.

38:00 – Hashtags

39:22 – Taking the first step towards achieving a goal.

41:27 – What legacy means to her.


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