SMM 011 | Tracy O’Malley | How Sharing Your Weaknesses Can Help You Heal and Rise Back Up

In this episode, Carol Elizabeth interviews Tracey O’Malley, a master coach, transformation specialist and author of the popular book “Grace Grit Guts”. Tracey shares how sharing your weaknesses can help you heal and rise back – even from a seemingly hopeless situation. This episode is jam packed with inspiring nuggets that will surely make you ponder – If Tracey can do it, so can I.

Carol kick starts this heartwarming episode by quizzing Tracey about her childhood. Tracey shares how her difficult childhood led her to find solace in the church. You will also learn how her founding years were instrumental in turning her into a tough and unshakeable women – Until she finally realized that soft and passionate is way better.

Sour relationships, business failures, a stint in rehab…Tracy has been through a lot. How did Tracy find the strength to rise again after hitting the lowest of lows? What did she learn from all her failures? And how is she helping out folks who are in a similar situation that she once was?

Tune in to benefit from the years of collective wisdom – you will get some great insights on how to lead your life with Grace, Grit and Guts.

What You’ll Discover in this Episode:

  • Why soft and passionate is way better than tough and unshakeable
  • How to treat each failure as a learning opportunity
  • How sharing your problems and weakness is the best way to heal
  • How to deal with folks who are struggling to set their life in order

Episode Highlights:

01:30 – Tracy shares how she transitioned from a tough and unshakeable woman to someone soft and passionate

02:50 – Learn about Tracy’s difficult childhood which greatly impacted her fragile psyche

04:02 – Driven by her search for a guiding light, Tracy found peace in the Church

06:51 – How Tracy’s father’s strong desire for a boy impacted her

09:39 – Tracy shares how pregnancy foiled her plans of becoming a firefighter…Twice!

10:08 – How fate led Tracy down the entrepreneurial route

11:48 – What led Tracy to write her book, Grace, Grit and Guts

13:12 – How Tracy sadly ended up as a single mother

14:05 – Failure is the BEST teacher – how Tracy learnt an important business lesson the hard way

15:01 – Tracy shares how she ended up in a corporate job after her business folded up

16:13 – Tracy finally realizes that her life’s calling is not be a corporate power queen

17:50 – Tracy shares some painful details about the LOWEST point in her life

20:21 – How preconceived notions almost made Tracy let go of a terrific, life-changing opportunity

23:15 – Tracy finally embraces social media

24:07 – How hitting rock bottom can help you perform to your fullest potential

25:14 – Why are people so hesitant to share their problems and weaknesses?

30:13 – Tracy shares how having her book published pulled her out of a hopeless situation

32:12 – Tracy urges listeners to treat each failure as an opportunity

36:00 – How Tracy avoids confronting people who are struggling with their life


Grace, Grit, Guts: From F**cked Up to Freedom – Authored by Tracy O’Malley

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