SMM 014 | Lori Harder | How to Uncover Your True Potential

In this episode, Carol interviews Lori Harder – a HUGE proponent of self-love. A famous model and author of “A Tribe Called Bliss”, Lori reveals some important personal development hacks that will help you perform to your fullest potential. This episode is peppered with Tips and Tricks to set the ball rolling – and help you realize your dreams.

Carol starts this episode by questioning Lori about her successful innings in the fitness industry. What made Lori gravitate towards the fitness industry? And, why did she opt for a career transition in spite of finding so much success? You will learn about Lori’s fearless attitude that has allowed her to buck the trend again and again.

You are sure to be enthralled as Lori pours her heart out in this loaded episode. How did Lori overcome her inner fears to realize her dreams? She also shares some great business advice that can prove to be invaluable to listeners – especially for those who are planning on launching their own business.

Tune in and discover from this fearless woman who also happens to have her heart firmly set in the right place.

What You’ll Discover in this Episode:

  • The importance of rejecting conventional belief system to realize your dreams
  • How to project your irresistible self to your target audience
  • The art of building a mentor-mentee relationship
  • The importance of discovering your own weird quirk

Episode Highlights:

01:18 – Who is Lori Harder? Carol introduces our guest for today
01:44 – Why did Lori gravitate towards the fitness industry?
04:26 – Lori shares how she experienced her darkest periods of life while trying to figure out who she really was
05:58 – How our yearn for acknowledgement influences the decisions that we make
08:00 – What made Lori toy with the idea of quitting a promising career?
10:26 – Lori shares why it is necessary to reject popular belief systems and go against the trend
12:10 – How Lori transitioned from a fitness to self-development
13:59 – How did Lori deal with the anxiety that she experienced while making her career transition?
16:05 – Lori’s AHA moment: Lori overcomes her fear of public speaking…baring her emotions in front of 100 people!
18:10 – Lori shares how she commenced on her journey of self-development
20:20 – Discover how giving your 100% to any task can help you project your irresistible self to others
23:50 – How finding your own weird quirk is critical for finding success
27:37 – Lori shares how she yearned for building connections with others
29:40 – Why did Lori end up feeling drained and lifeless after her interactions?
32:13 – How an abundant mindset can lead to a collaborative work environment
34:05 – Lori has a falling out with some of her closest friends, and has a tough time dealing with the aftermath
38:11 – The importance of taking good care of yourself for leading a balanced life
39:05 – Important takeaways from Lori’s first Mastermind
43:20 – What led to Lori publishing her first book, “A Tribe Called Bliss
48:31 – Invaluable Tips for finding the right mentors
53:25 – Lori’s parting advice for women who desire more from life
55:02 – Connect with Lori through her Website, Instagram or Twitter


A Tribe Called Bliss – Authored by Lori Harder

Christine Hassler – Lori Harder’s mentor

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