SMM 016 | Danette May | The Rise Of Self Love And Forgiveness

In this episode, Carol interviews Ameria’s leading healthy lifestyle expert, Danette May, a wife, mother, motivational speaker and founder of the “Rise” movement. Danette reveals how you can rise from your pain to discover what you are truly capable of. This episode is loaded with personal anecdotes that will inspire you to face and overcome life’s challenges.

You will learn how Danette was able to overcome her loss of her son and near bankruptcy to form, “Rise” – a vibrant organization that seeks to empower women with self-love and truth. What is the #1 factor that can potentially plunge you into darkness when you are feeling down and out?  Danette uses powerful metaphors to depict how you can overcome negativity and hopelessness to discover your best self once again.

This episode is packed with wisdom and practical advice. You will learn the deep correlation between fitness and discovering the truth to your soul. Danette also cautions folks against being mesmerized by social media. Learning about Danette’s “Rise” movement is sure to inspire and interest you.

Tune in to DISCOVER how you too can rise from muck and dirt to touch the dazzling heights that you are capable of.


The Rise: An Unforgettable Journey of Self-Love, Forgiveness, and Transformation – Authored by Danette May

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