SMM 018 | Audrey Moss | The Art Of Receiving MORE

In this episode, Carol interviews Audrey Moss, a network marketing specialist who is helping women gravitate towards their confident selves. Audrey reveals the mindset and values necessary for getting “More” from life. This episode is loaded with some wonderful nuggets that are sure to inspire you to put in your best.

You will learn how a never-say-die attitude has enabled Audrey to overcome some major hurdles in her life. How did Audrey deal with her non-acceptance to college? And, how did her sound upbringing help her wade through this difficult period? Audrey’s desire to try new things was largely instrumental in her stumbling across a terrific business opportunity in the form of network marketing.

This episode is peppered with some great personal development tips that will show you how you can arrive at a good work-life balance. You will also learn a great deal about building your brand presence on Instagram.

Tune in and get ready to be inspired by this wonderful woman who displays wisdom that is way beyond her years.


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