SMM 020 | Rita Catalino | How to Leverage a Positive Mindset to Realize Your Most Audacious Goals

In this episode, Carol interviews Rita Catolino, a certified personal trainer, online coach, motivational speaker, fitness writer, and cover model. Rita shares how a positive mindset and the need for “So Much More” can help you realize your dreams – even those that you thought were not remotely possible.

Carol kick starts this heartwarming episode by quizzing Rita about her childhood. Rita shares how her mom and dad desired different things from life. And how she gravitated from being complacent and satisfied to driven and motivated.  You will learn how spending her formative years in Spain led to some life-changing and transformational experiences.

Infertility, professional struggles, long-distance relationships…Rita has been through a lot. How did Rita end up owning a successful home business? Why did she end her wildly successful fitness career? And what advice does she have for folks who tend to get overwhelmed when they see all the beautiful images on social media?

Tune in to benefit from some wise insights – that will inspire and motivate you to realize your most audacious goals.

What You Will Discover In This Episode:

  •       How “So Much More” can mean different things for different people
  •       How to feel inspiration and motivation instead of overwhelming
  •       The pros and cons of being in the fitness industry
  •       How a passive business income can afford you peace of mind and quality of life


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