SMM 028 | Natalie Jill | How To Thrive When You Hit Rock Bottom

In this episode, Carol interviews Natalie Jill, founder, owner, and CEO of Natalie Jill Fitness.

Natalie reveals some ways via which you can experience effective fat loss. She also reveals how you can leverage authentic content and smart marketing to build a sustainable online business.

How did Natalie motivate herself after finding out that she was $1.4 million in debt? You will learn how you can use visual mediums to hold yourself accountable and prod yourself on.  

Natalie also discusses the importance of being in touch with your authentic self for building a sustainable online business. How did Natalie manage to $1 million worth of online products through word of mouth marketing? Has social media become overcrowded today? Are there any other good alternatives?

This show is loaded with some great Tips and Tricks that will inspire and motivate you to discover your best self.

Tune in now!

What You Will Discover In This Episode:

  • The many challenges of fat loss, how to overcome them
  • How to set up and market an online business
  • Effective Tips for self-motivation and inspiration


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