SMM 037 | How to Face Your Fear and Take Action on Your Goal

In today’s show, Carol shares how having a strong “Why” will allow us to overcome our fears and realize our wildest dreams.

As we enter 2019, many of us are setting ambitious health goals, financial goals, and business goals. How many of us actually realize what we set out to achieve? Carol reveals how you can overcome this overwhelm which inhibits you from hitting your goals.

How can you effectively deal with your fear and doubts? Why do so many people quit and sit at home, wallowing in misery? You will learn the importance of cultivating and knowing your “Why” – a “Why” that is firmly rooted in reason.

Carol reveals various HACKS that will help you drive greater accountability – from others as well as yourself.

You will learn how journaling and sharing your goals with others can help you achieve your end goal. You do not want to miss this great show! Tune in now!

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