SMM 040 | Danielle Ruban | How to Find Success by Rediscovering Your Energetic State

In this episode, Carol interviews Danielle Ruben. Danielle reveals how you can rediscover your energetic flow state – and why concentrating on building a healthy mind is paramount for finding success.

This show starts off by Danielle sharing her background information. Why did Danielle chuck her unhealthy life for a focused and clean one? You will learn how personal events sometimes force us to sit back and rethink our choices.

Danielle bares her heart out and shares why she became disillusioned with the fitness world in spite of being one of the top contenders in the world. How did Danielle cope with her disillusionment? How did her existing clients react to her donning the hat of a mindset coach?

Towards the end, you will learn some effective ways of getting into a flow state. How can you ignore the noise and learn to listen to your inner voice once again? We discuss the importance of a well thought out morning routine.

Ready to get inspired? Tune in now.

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