SMM 075 | Scott Aaron | How I Bounced Back From Bankruptcy and Rebuilt My Life

In today’s show of So Much More, Carol interviews Scott Aaron, business coach, LinkedIn expert, and a big proponent of Human to Human marketing. Scott reveals some core principles which will help you leverage social media to gain more traction in business.

This show starts with Aaron sharing his background information. Born into a Jewish family, Aaron is a fifth-generation entrepreneur who has bounced back from huge personal setbacks. When Aaron was barely out his teens, his father was convicted in a $9.5 million lawsuit. However before being arrested his father, intending to secure Aaron’s future, invested in health club. 

Aaron worked hard and managed to turn around this business. And he sold this gym for a million dollars in just 3 years. Banking on this success, he invested in a twelve thousand square foot gym on the outskirts of Philadelphia.

However, this business ran into losses and again Aaron found himself $1.5 million in debt by 2006

While Aaron was battling with his professional struggles, his personal life also suffered. His second marriage came to an end in 2013. 

As his gym business was losing thousands of dollars every month, Aaron started desperately scouting around for alternative sources of income. This is when he discovered network marketing.

Like many of us, Aaron considered network marketing to be a Ponzi scheme. How did Aaron manage to overcome this false perception to venture into this field with an open mind? In this segment of the show, Aaron shares the importance of building multiple streams of income. Listeners will learn how Aaron managed to reach his first $10,000 month in less than two years. 

Declaring bankruptcy in 2016 allowed Aaron to shut his gym business once and for all. And finally Aaron made a fresh start at the age of 37.

Next, Aaron gives listeners a “peek” into his social media strategy. Contrary to the norm, why does Aaron prefer using LinkedIn over Facebook and Instagram? Are you more likely to find your ideal clientele on LinkedIn? Aaron states his reasons. Listeners will learn how intense competition and unfavorable demographics make it incredibly difficult to run a profitable campaign from Facebook and Instagram.

Towards the end of the show, Scott shares some critical habits and values that are helping him find success. Particularly, we talk about taking rejection in our stride. The person that collects the most no’s, Aaron points out is also going to collect the most yeses. 

Tune in for some excellent nuggets!



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