SMM 074 | David TS Wood | How the “Right Vehicle”, “Right Time” and “Right You” Can Propel You to Success

In today’s show, Carol interviews David TS Wood, business leader, author, trainer, and coach in this powerful and inspiring show.

This show starts off with David sharing an interesting and adventurous story. You will learn how David ended up backpacking around the world for 10.5 years across 42 countries! David reveals how he took a long time to shed his fears. But once he opened up his mind to get rid of preconceived notions, he only received kindness and generosity in return.

Hearing David talk about his different experiences, his exposure to varied cultures, and how he evolved as a person will surely have you hooked.

Next, David goes on to share the 3 MOST crucial attributes for success 1) The Right Vehicle, 2) The Right Time, and 3) The Right You.

The Right Vehicle at the Right Time

You will learn that, in order to find the right vehicle for success, you need to approach life with adventure and enthusiasm. Citing his own example, David shares that whether it is trying out adventure sports, an exciting personal relationship or a new business adventure, he always embraces change with unbridled enthusiasm.  

A huge proponent of entrepreneurship, David shares that you cannot really lead the life of your dreams when you are working for someone else.

Do you fear the unknown in your personal and professional life? Scared of change, is your scarcity mindset hindering you from realizing your maximum potential? If yes, you will find this section particularly interesting.

The Right You

David simplifies the workflow for achieving desired end results. The first step towards achieving results is manifestation, which leads to thoughts. Good thoughts translate to good feelings and positive actions. Vice versa, poor thoughts result in poor actions.

We also discuss the importance of living in the present. Most people, David points out, have a fondness for drama, and tend to give too much importance to non-events. If you fall in this bracket, David urges you to snap out of it before you are sapped out of all your energy and potential.

So, how can you do so? Firstly, David urges one and all to be conscious of the environment in which they operate it. David shares his lofty goal of creating conducive environments where people can test and transform themselves.  While our brain is NOT attuned to make us happy, a positive environment and conscious effort can help us get there.

Another common factor that hinders your success is resistance to change. When you embrace change instead of fighting it, your comfort zone becomes bigger and bigger, allowing you to do.

David also gives us a “peek” into his network marketing business, the vehicle that propelled him to success. Starting as a dishwasher, how did David manage to build a large marketing business? What are some of the main challenges that network marketers need to overcome? David reminds us that there is no easy road to success. In this segment, listeners will learn the importance of the right product and working with people who have the right culture and values.

Towards the end, David shares some of his favorite, must-read book recommendations.

Tune in for some great nuggets!

Lessons Learned

  • Importance of cultivating an open mind that is free of preconceived notions
  • Learning to embrace, rather than run away from change
  • How to become the best version of yourself
  • Little-know facets of the network marketing business


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