SMM 073 | Craig Ballantyne | How to Own and Take Control of Your Life

In today’s show, Carol interviews Craig Ballantyne, also known as the “World’s Most Disciplined Man”. In this inspiring show, Craig shares some golden nuggets that will help you overcome obstacles, reign in stress, improve productivity and achieve your end goal.

This show starts off with Craig sharing his background information. How did Craig, who set out to be a pro athlete end up being a celebrity writer for the fitness industry? Craig admits that his celebrity writer status helped him evolve into a successful fitness coach later on.

Next, Craig reveals how he came up with his “Perfect Day Formula”. You will learn some excellent nuggets on how to eliminate obstacles that prevent you from leading a structured and super-productive life. Do you feel that you are running on the proverbial life treadmill but getting nowhere? Are you unable to let go off your bad habits and temptations? Craig suggests some practical hacks that will help you overcome these seemingly insurmountable problems. You will learn the importance of cultivating a grand vision that allows you to switch from reactive mode to proactive mode.  

Craig shares a step-by-step approach for eliminating temptations. From identifying the problem to holding yourself accountable, Craig’s plan is simple yet highly effective. Particularly, Craig talks at length about public accountability and consequences. Having defined consequences greatly increases the chances of you following up on your promise.

Next, Craig reveals some interesting details about his book, “Unstoppable”. How did Craig find the inspiration for his latest book, “Unstoppable”? This book which deals with entrepreneurial anxiety reveals two main tools for tackling anxiety. While physical tools such as breathing, meditation, and exercise are important, Craig reminds listeners of the importance of foundational tools. What are the foundational tools? And, how can they help you clear the mind clutter that paralyzes you with anxiety?

In the last segment of this show, Craig provides us a “peek” into his Instagram marketing strategy. How has Craig managed to find so much success on Instagram? By likening Instagram to a Louis Vuitton store, Craig explains the nuances of social media in simple terms. Should you concentrate on your main feed or Instagram Stories? Your image or copy? Craig certainly saves the best for the last. This is a show that you do not want to miss. Tune in now!



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