SMM 072 | Natalie James | The Ups and Downs of the Entrepreneurial Journey

In the show, Carol interviews Natalie James, founder of Vent, one of Canada’s biggest blow-dry bars. Natalie shares how you can overcome uncertainty, fear of failure and even physical disabilities to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams. ⠀

This show starts off with Natalie recalling her childhood and background. Born with a rare medical condition, Natalie was extremely conscious of her body. This triggered her keen interest in hair and make-up. Did her father’s entrepreneurial nature rub off on Natalie? And, how did Natalie deal with personal tragedies and financial hardships while growing up? Hearing this brave and determined entrepreneur recount her experiences will surely be inspiring and heartwarming for our listeners.⠀

Towards the end, Natalie shares how she regains her focus when she is feeling stress and overwhelm. In this segment of the show, listeners will learn the importance of a disciplined self-care routine. Tune in for some excellent nuggets!⠀




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