SMM 067 | Dustin Bland | How To Be Successful In Network Marketing

In today’s show, Carol interviews Dustin Bland, a network marketer, and digital marketing expert. Dustin dispels some common myths and reveals how hard work and a strategic approach can make network marketing a life-changing option for you.

This show starts off with Dustin sharing details about this stint with corporate America. Over the years, why did Dustin become thoroughly disillusioned with his job? Can corporate America really be a vehicle that helps you lead the life of your dreams? Dustin shares why you are better off taking charge of your destiny by donning the entrepreneurial hat.

In the next segment of the show, Dustin talks about his foray into network marketing. Is network marketing really a pyramid scheme structured to scam people? Can you achieve overnight success in this field?

On the contrary, Dustin reveals that a successful network marketer needs to be a hard-working honest individual capable of leading a dynamic group of individuals.

Did Dustin struggle to develop his leadership skills as his business rapidly grew over the years? Were there moments when he felt overwhelmed and inadequate? Hearing Dustin’s frank admissions will surely inspire you.

You will learn why humility and honesty are crucial attributes of a wise and adept leader. Dustin also urges listeners to step out of their comfort zone and just make it happen.

What is Dustin’s primary motivator as a network marketer? As a network marketer, do you really need to relentlessly pursue a prospect (as is commonly believed)? Towards the end, Dustin shares how network marketing is the only industry which can create a sea of positive change for everyone involved.

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