SMM 066 | Emily Lyons | How I Built Canada’s Biggest Staffing Company

In this show, Carol interviews Emily Lyons, CEO, Femme Fatale. Emily reveals how perseverance, dynamism and innovation can help you realize your entrepreneurial ambitions.

This show starts off with Emily sharing some heart-breaking details about her difficult childhood. You will learn how Emily lost her sister to cystic fibrosis. With Emily and her family in dire straits, she had no alternative but to drop out of high school. What kept Emily going in this difficult period?

Next, Emily shares how she got inspired to start Femme Fatale – her staffing agency which eventually went on to become one of Canada’s largest. Hearing Emily recount details of her initial struggles will surely fill you up with hope and determination. From a solo entrepreneur working as a bar dancer to having 6,000 models on her roster, Emily’s story serves as a great inspiration for aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike.

How do you build a dream team for your business? And, how do you continuously innovate and put your plans into action? Towards the end, we also reveal why audacious goal setting and calculated risks are necessary for realizing your grand vision.

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