SMM 064 | Devon Brooks | An Insider’s Account of the Life Coaching Business

In this episode, we interview Devon Brooks, cofounder Blo Blow Dry Bar, and founder, Sphereishere. Devon gives us a “peek” into the life coaching business, and reveals how she plans on democratizing his industry.

This show starts off with Devon sharing her background information. As a child, Devon was encouraged to Make her own decisions. Has this progressive parenting helped Devon as an entrepreneur?

You will learn how Devon was inspired to cofound Blo Blow Dry Bar with her bar. And, why did she venture into the life coaching space subsequently? Devon shares how she plans on making life-coaching a more inclusive space.

Next, we learn about Devon’s unique coaching process at Sphere. What are some current drawbacks of the life coaching industry? And, how is Devon planning on overcoming these? You will learn why a method-agnostic yet personalized approach works best for you. Do not miss out on some excellent book recommendations that Devon makes towards the end.

Tune in for some more insights!


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