SMM 058 | Lisa Colalillo | How to Have Fun While Building Your Brand

In show, we interview Lisa Colalillo,a real estate agent and creator, Lisa in the City. Lisa reveals some unique marketing insights which show us that far from being just another mundane activity, brand building can be an energetic, fun-filled exercise.

This laugh riot starts off with Lisa sharing how she got the idea of creating her funny Instagram videos. Did she start creating content with the aim of generating more business? How does Lisa manage to be herself without worry about how others perceive her? Lisa shares how cutting loose is important for finding success in life and in business.

How did Lisa manage to sign up 30 moms to be a part of a dance flash mob? How did she get the idea of doing a mom-dad dance off? And, how exactly has Lisa managed to build a strong sense of community through social media? You will learn that patience is key to success in social media.  

You will learn about Lisa’s parties where women end up instantly connecting with each other in spite of never having met before. Towards the end, Lisa shares how motherhood has allowed her to rediscover the joys of childhood.

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