SMM 055 | Emily Hirsh | The Importance Of Marketing For Your Small Business

In this episode, Carol interviews Emily Hirsh, founder, Hirsh Marketing. Emily shares some effective marketing strategies which can help you scale up your small business to the next level.

This show starts off with Emily sharing her background information. Emily reveals how she has transitioned from being a VA to running a 30-person company at the age of 24! How did Emily manage to build up her organization? And, how Emily manage to balance her motherly and entrepreneurial responsibilities?

Next, we discuss business strategy. You will learn how to overcome the challenges of scaling up your business. How can keeping a close tab on your numbers help you make correct business decisions? And, how do you build a dream team for your business? Emily also shares how working with a mentor has helped her gain further traction.

You will also learn about “The Hirsh Process” – a broad overview of Emily’s modus operandi which reveals her marketing philosophy. Other topics discussed include Facebook Ads strategy for network marketers and using webinars effectively for marketing. This show is loaded heartwarming personal anecdotes and effective business strategies. Tune in now!


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