SMM 053 | Lexi Miles | The Journey to Build a Franchise

In this episode, we interview Lexi Miles, Founder, Waxon Waxbar. Lexi shares how she launched and grew her business, Waxon Waxbar to 13 locations across Canada.

This show starts off with Lexi revealing her background information. Prior to Waxbar, Lexi was a successful management consultant. Why did Lexi chuck her corporate job to follow her entrepreneurial dreams? Did a positive support system in the form of her husband, parents, and friends help her smoothly make this transition?

Next, Lexi reveals the various strategies which have allowed her to scale up her business so rapidly. How do you facilitate speedy execution without compromising on quality and perfection? Is giving out franchises a good way of quickly scaling up a brick and mortar business? And, lastly, does “acting bigger than you really are” help you in any way?

We also share some common-sense tips for achieving a good work-life balance. As a woman entrepreneur, how can you balance motherhood and work? Lexi reveals some effective scheduling tips.

Whether you are an established entrepreneur or aspiring to be one, this show is full of excellent insights. Ready to get inspired? Tune in now!


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