SMM 052 | How to Beat the Dreaded Energy Slump

You are having a perfectly productive day, checking things off your to-do list like a boss. But come 2 pm, and suddenly the dreaded mid-afternoon slump creeps in. Your eyes start to glaze, and it becomes impossible for you to focus. In this show, Carol shares some effective ways via which you can beat your energy slump.

Rather than feeding your caffeine and sugar addiction, the first thing that Carol recommends is listening to your favorite music. Tunes you enjoy will revitalize you allowing you to focus on your work again. The second suggestion that Carol makes is taking a power nap. A 10-minute power nap will clear up your mind and you will wake up fresh and raring to go. You can also try a mid-day workout. 10 minutes on the stepper or a short brisk walk will raise your energy levels once again.

Carol also asks listeners to be mindful of what they eating and drinking. While sugar and caffeine result in a short spike, you will start feeling lethargic once the effect wears off. Being around like-minded and enthusiastic people is another way you can ensure high energy levels throughout the day. Tune in for great Tips and Tricks!


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