SMM 049 | Danny Johnson | How to Build up an Authentic Brand That Truly Resonates with Your Target Audience with Danny Johnson


In this episode, Carol interviews Danny Johnson, co-host, The Best Life Podcast. Danny shares some strategies and dispels some common misconceptions that will help you build up your brand and achieve greater traction in business.

This show starts off with Carol quizzing Danny about her transition to the fitness world. You will learn about Danny’s foray into online training which eventually led to “The Sweaty Betties”. What strategies did Danny employ which resulted in this immensely successful fitness brand?

You will learn how fostering a sense of community is critical for the success of your business.

Why did Danny split up with her best friend and business partner? And what important lessons did she learn from this heartbreaking split? Not the one to be bogged down by her recent tumultuous divorce, Danny is kickstarting a new phase of her life by launching his new podcast. Why did Danny partner up again with another friend for her podcast post this split?

Danny also reveals her business mantras which has helped her find so much success in the world of networking marketing. You will learn the importance of staying true to your authentic self and engaging with your followers. Tune in for some great business insights!






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