SMM 047 | Stephanie Dawn | How Kindness Can Help You Overcome Life’s Challenges and Meet Your End Goals

In this episode, Carol interviews Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth, host of the “The Girl Kind Podcast”. Stephanie reveals how kindness – both from yourself and your peers can help you deal with life’s challenges, and meet your end goals.

This show starts off with Stephanie sharing her background information. You will learn how random acts of kindness helped steel her at some of the lowest points in her life. What lessons did Stephanie learn from this difficult phase in her life? And, how did she discover her life’s true calling?

You will learn how Stephanie finally mustered up the courage to tread on the uncertain but fulfilling path of entrepreneurship. How do you eliminate the fear that is holding you back? You will learn the need to OWN your authentic self. Being an entrepreneurship also requires you to evolve and realign constantly.

As we wrap up this show, you will learn some great Tips for building up a presence on social mediums. Tune in for some great insights!






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