SMM 045 | Judi Fox | How To Rack up 3 Million+ Views On LinkedIn

In this episode, Carol interviews Judi Fox, a LinkedIn Video & Content Strategist, MC and Speaker. In this show, Judi shares some little known strategies for building up a loyal following on social media to give greater traction to your brand and your business.

This insightful show starts off with Judi sharing her background information. How did Judi, a chemical engineer end up as a social media expert? You will learn how Judi was exposed to LinkedIn and its immense possibilities after the economic meltdown of 2008. Judi shares how she started a successful side hustle helping people find jobs.

Judi dives deeper to give us a “peek” into her content marketing strategy via which she has managed to garner 3 million + views in 2018. We discuss the important of consistent messaging and staying true to your authentic self.

Should you make a sales pitch in your indoctrination videos? Is it worthwhile repurposing content for other mediums? What are some ways to lower your learning curve and achieve greater traction? This show is loaded with value guaranteed to give you the competitive edge.

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