SMM 042 | Liana Louzon | How to Turn Your Passion into Profit

In this episode, Carol interviews Liana Louzon, creator, Rocking Vibe. Liana reveals some great Tips and Tricks which will help you turn your passion into profit.

Carol starts off this amazing show by quizzing Liana about her childhood. How did Liana deal with the huge cultural shift when she moved from Russia to Canada? Hearing Liana talk will give you a “peek” into a society that is starkly different from the Western world.

You will also learn about Liana’s many passions – gymnastics, photography and jewelry making. How did her Olympic champion mother react to her taking up gymnastics? And, how did Liana achieve professional success as a photographer and then as a jewelry maker?

Liana reveals how she managed to channelize her obsession in the right direction – to fuel her entrepreneurial spirit. Hearing this brave entrepreneur with a never say die attitude recount her experiences will surely leave you feeling all FIRED up. Tune in NOW!



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