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Meet Carol

Carol Elizabeth is a leader in the field of wellness, transformational work, self-love, and positive energy . As a successful wellness entrepreneur, network marketing professional, mother of 3, and Fitness world champion, she offers a personal support program of practical tools to promote sustainable health, spiritual wellness, and personal growth. Through her unique coaching methods, and programs, she has helped countless people connect with their ME, transform their bodies, empower their minds, and fall in love with themselves and their lives.

Throughout her career, which did not start until after she turned 40, Carol has been published in Oxygen Magazine, Inside Fitness Magazine, Prosper as well is the publication Pie Magazine for entrepreneurs.

Carol  has also helped 1000’s of people start their own home-based business to add an additional income stream into their lives.  She has also been a part of helping many create residual income matching their traditional job salaries through her network marketing business.  As a professional network marketer Carol is on a mission to educate others of the truth of this business model.  Carol has taken her passion for human potential and created The CEME retreat, a women’s empowerment retreat allowing women to come together and unleash their greatest potential. Most recently she has partnered with a few other amazing women to create She Awakens, a community for women who are ready to step into their best lives.

Carol has been immersed in personal development for the last 6 years. Working privately with Rod Hariston, one of Tony Robbins head trainers as well as pushing herself in the field of training led by David TS Wood. Her passion to help other extends much further than the physical side.  She has lived a life of true evolution physically and financially and has a strong desire to allow women to see their true potential in life and harness that SPARKLE that will help them achieve anything.

Meet Carol Elizabeth
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