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Industry Leader. Entrepreneurial warrior. Speaker. Podcast host.

My Story

Everything I’ve ever done, I’ve gone all in. From being a mom, wife, fitness influencer, and business owner--I hold nothing back. 

I’m a mom to 3 beautiful kiddos, wife to the most soul-filled partner I could’ve asked for, and make a very comfortable living doing something I believe in and continuously remain passionate about. 

But it hasn’t always been this way. And it took everything inside of me to create the life I have now. 

It took losing myself and gaining 40 pounds to discover what it means to eat clean. But of course, it didn’t stop there. After the weight loss, I became obsessed with my physical health. I went from eating potato chips while watching workout DVD’s to meal-prepping and competing on a fitness stage. I even went pro...twice! 

As a stay at home mom, my passion for fitness was the first thing I explored for myself in a long time. But just when I thought I may have found my calling there on the stage, life had other plans and my children’s father and I divorced. For the first time in 11 years, I had to financially support myself and my babies.

I felt the need to act fast and smart. Unfortunately, being on stage was no longer fulfilling. I began to sense an unhealthy balance between my self-worth and how well these strangers scored my body. So, knowing I wanted to stay in the health industry but not on stage, I took a job at Lululemon. 

Eventually, someone pre-determining my hourly value, telling me to get a sitter for my sick daughter, a “boss” telling me the days I could take a holiday, no longer sat well with me. I knew I was settling and devaluing everything I believed about myself and my potential.  
That year I was introduced to a line of diet products and the intense world of multi-level-marketing. I was quite literally sold! What I knew about the company, I loved. So once again, I jumped all in. 5 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars later I was making good money but I wasn’t happy, wasn’t fulfilled. The company and their hustle, hustle, hustle, mentality worked on my last nerve and the obsession with sales aspect didn’t resonate with the person I was becoming.

I had found my income but not my passion. Again, I refused to settle any longer. 

Soon after, love came to me in the form of my best friend, a kindred spirit, and swolemate. We married and have made it our mission to uplift one another in all aspects of our lives. My home quickly became a place where physical, emotional, and spiritual health were our top priorities. 

It was time to take all I had learned about myself, my skills, talents, my entrepreneurial fire, my zest for people and their health & happiness, and finally create the career path and passion project I’ve always wanted. 

Before jumping in as I had done so many times in the past, I took it slow. I sought guidance, education, inspiration. I met world-class life and business coaches, continued my journey in personal development and self-love, and took upleveled my nutritional studies. One of my mentors once told me “your income will only grow to the extent that you do”, so that’s exactly what I did.  

Now, my mission is to serve. I live my story, practice my truth, and create opportunities for others to expand their life the way I have.  
You are my focus now. I’ve made it my business to coach you toward financial freedom, strategize with you to scale your business, mentor you on a journey to physical and spiritual health, and ultimately to live a life on your terms--to stop settling and gain SO MUCH MORE.

Through coaching, my determination to reach you has led to the creation of my podcast, So Much More, a community Facebook page, and several other platforms and WOW, you people are incredibly pursuant of your dreams. I’ve been honored to help and watch you grow, leave behind what no longer serves you, and claim the power over your own health, wealth, and happiness. This journey is absolutely liberating. If you haven’t started yours, it’s costing you time, money, energy, and ultimately... your life.

Discover what took me 10 years to figure out.

Your time has come, will you accept that there is so much more awaiting you, too?

5 Beliefs that Guide My Work –––––––––––––

To always operate from a place of compassion, empathy, and truth

The work we’ll do together ranges from emotional to physical, habitual, and spiritual. Everything is connected and everything is felt in all areas of your life. Together we’ll get real about what’s holding you back so that we can remove any and every roadblock and bring in the ease and the flow to your life.

Taking Chances is When the Magic Happens

All the extraordinary things you want from your life are already yours. They’re there...right there...just outside of your comfort zone. Are you ready to reach for them? I believe in taking chances, daring to be different, and jumping into a life I deserve. Take my hand and we’ll jump together. Bolder actions = greater results!

Putting Your Inner Critic in Place

We all have an inner voice. Sometimes it pushes us to work harder to meet a deadline and other times it convinces us that we aren’t capable of a 30-minute workout. Through meditation and confidence-building techniques, I believe in understanding where that voice came from and learning rewire its purpose to be one that pushes you toward an unrivaled commitment to success in all you set out to do.

Conscious Over Confidence

I’ve learned the disservice teaching woman that confidence is the answer. In reality, life is riddled with self-doubt. It’s being conscious and aware of our passions and core-values that help us lead lives with bravery and assurance. Where your confidence fails you, develop a conscious self-awareness that won’t.

Within, Without

Everything you have, don’t have, desire, and fear are all the result of internalized ideas. I believe in digging deep and outsourcing negativity with the truth. Convinced your dream job won’t make you money? But, spending another day at a desk is killing your spirit. Certain your diet will start on Monday? But, you waste a day binging and feel horrible. Your life---your heart, mind, body, and spirit are counting on you to be magical today!

professional bio –––––––––––––

Carol Elizabeth is an industry leader, entrepreneurial warrior, speaker and podcast host. She focuses on developing a community of women who are unapologetic about wanting more. In her podcast, So Much More, Carol addresses exactly what it takes to redefine yourself – body, mind, and spirit.

Carol Elizabeth’s movement is about owning your happiness by taking responsibility for your own power so that you can do more, live more, share more and become So Much More.