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SMM 075 | Bob Heilig | How to Build a Legacy with Network Marketing in 2020

In today’s show of So Much More, Carol interviews Bob Heilig the founder of Your Virtual Upline, a company dedicated to transforming the network marketing industry by developing a new wave of business owners who lead with love, service and purpose. Bob has a unique understanding of the strategies involved with building a highly profitable […]

SMM 073 | Craig Ballantyne | How to Own and Take Control of Your Life

In today’s show, Carol interviews Craig Ballantyne, also known as the “World’s Most Disciplined Man”. In this inspiring show, Craig shares some golden nuggets that will help you overcome obstacles, reign in stress, improve productivity and achieve your end goal. This show starts off with Craig sharing his background information. How did Craig, who set […]

SMM 072 | Natalie James | The Ups and Downs of the Entrepreneurial Journey

In the show, Carol interviews Natalie James, founder of Vent, one of Canada’s biggest blow-dry bars. Natalie shares how you can overcome uncertainty, fear of failure and even physical disabilities to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams. ⠀ This show starts off with Natalie recalling her childhood and background. Born with a rare medical condition, Natalie was […]

SMM 071 | Julie Ciardi – More Than a Mommy Interview Carol Elizabeth

From Julie Ciardi – On to today’s episode! I am so excited to bring you this interview with Carol Elizabeth. I was a guest on Carol’s podcast So Much More Show.  You have to check out her podcast.  Here is the link to the episode where she interviewed me….. My interview on the So Much More […]

SMM 069 | Rod Hairston | Harnessing the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

In today’s show, Carol interviews Rod Hairston, CEO, Growth-U. Rod shares how you can achieve you most audacious moonshots by channelizing your sub-conscious mind in the correct direction. This inspiring show starts off with Rod sharing his background information, and revealing how he ended up being a master trainer to Tony Robbins, of all people. […]

SMM 068 | STOP Playing The Comparing Game

In today’s solo, Carol shares some common-sense yet powerful ways for dealing with comparisons. Carol shares that while it is natural for us to compare our personal and professional lives with others, harboring negativity will just lead to a quick downward spiral. Instead, Carol encourages listeners to draw inspiration from others. Avoid feeding your mind […]

SMM 067 | Dustin Bland | How To Be Successful In Network Marketing

In today’s show, Carol interviews Dustin Bland, a network marketer, and digital marketing expert. Dustin dispels some common myths and reveals how hard work and a strategic approach can make network marketing a life-changing option for you. This show starts off with Dustin sharing details about this stint with corporate America. Over the years, why […]

SMM 066 | Emily Lyons | How I Built Canada’s Biggest Staffing Company

In this show, Carol interviews Emily Lyons, CEO, Femme Fatale. Emily reveals how perseverance, dynamism and innovation can help you realize your entrepreneurial ambitions. This show starts off with Emily sharing some heart-breaking details about her difficult childhood. You will learn how Emily lost her sister to cystic fibrosis. With Emily and her family in […]