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SMM 067 | Dustin Bland | How To Be Successful In Network Marketing

In today’s show, Carol interviews Dustin Bland, a network marketer, and digital marketing expert. Dustin dispels some common myths and reveals how hard work and a strategic approach can make network marketing a life-changing option for you. This show starts off with Dustin sharing details about this stint with corporate America. Over the years, why […]

SMM 066 | Emily Lyons | How I Built Canada’s Biggest Staffing Company

In this show, Carol interviews Emily Lyons, CEO, Femme Fatale. Emily reveals how perseverance, dynamism and innovation can help you realize your entrepreneurial ambitions. This show starts off with Emily sharing some heart-breaking details about her difficult childhood. You will learn how Emily lost her sister to cystic fibrosis. With Emily and her family in […]

SMM 065 | Why we are Wired to Connect

In today’s show, Carol shares how we, human beings, being social by nature crave to be a part of a like-minded community. In order to cultivate new relationships, you have to take the initiative and reach out to people. Carol reveals how she mustered up the courage to reach out to a community of young […]

SMM 064 | Devon Brooks | An Insider’s Account of the Life Coaching Business

In this episode, we interview Devon Brooks, cofounder Blo Blow Dry Bar, and founder, Sphereishere. Devon gives us a “peek” into the life coaching business, and reveals how she plans on democratizing his industry. This show starts off with Devon sharing her background information. As a child, Devon was encouraged to Make her own decisions. […]

SMM 063 | No Quick Fixes

In today’s show, you will learn that time and effort are key for achieving transformational relationship, business or life goals. Carol highlights how people have started to cultivate unrealistic expectations when it comes to success. In this day and age, it has become increasingly common to cave in to impatience and give up on your […]

SMM 062 | Lauren Zander | How to Achieve Transformational Change

In this show, Carol interviews Lauren Zander, co-founder and chairwoman, Handel Group. You will discover some effective ways of dealing with your inner conflicts – and be the BEST version of yourself. This show starts off with Lauren sharing her background information. Like most of us, Lauren also struggled to discover her passion. Why did […]

SMM 061 | Top 3 Tips for Going After Your Dreams

In today’s powerful and inspiring solo, Carol shares 3 STEPS that will help you make your dreams come true. ⁣ The first step is to actually have a dream. How do you convince yourself that your wildest dreams are within the realm of possibility? How do you develop this confidence and live with hope and […]

SMM 060 | Brenda Johnston | My Relationship with Money

In this episode, we interview Brenda Johnston, high performance mindset coach and host, The Limitless Life Podcast shares how you can harness the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your life goals. This show starts off with Brenda sharing her background. You will hear Brenda recall her struggle with weight loss, and how she […]

SMM 059 | Light Bulb Moment About Network Marketing Over Online Programs

  In today’s show, Carol dispels some common misconceptions about network marketing. You will learn how network marketing gives you the ability to create a passive income WITHOUT creating complex marketing funnels. This show starts off with Carol sharing how she was able to create a six-figure fitness program with a basic website and word-of-mouth […]

SMM 058 | Lisa Colalillo | How to Have Fun While Building Your Brand

In show, we interview Lisa Colalillo,a real estate agent and creator, Lisa in the City. Lisa reveals some unique marketing insights which show us that far from being just another mundane activity, brand building can be an energetic, fun-filled exercise. This laugh riot starts off with Lisa sharing how she got the idea of creating […]