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SMM 057 | Life Reflections on My 49th Birthday

In today’s special show, Carol joins us on her 49th birthday and reflects on the major events that have shaped her life so far. Starting from her carefree days at a private girls school, Carol recalls all the ups & downs, and all her failures & triumphs. From being a single mom of 3, struggling […]

SMM 056 | Alex Batdorf | Powerful Startup Advice for Aspiring Women Entreprenurs

In this episode, we interview Alex Batdorf, co-founder, ZipFit Denim and founder, Get Shit Done. Alex reveals how women entrepreneurs can overcome seemingly unsurmountable challenges to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. This show starts off with Alex sharing her background information. Alex credits her positive upbringing for her entrepreneurial nature and go-getter attitude. Alex shares her […]

SMM 055 | Emily Hirsh | The Importance Of Marketing For Your Small Business

In this episode, Carol interviews Emily Hirsh, founder, Hirsh Marketing. Emily shares some effective marketing strategies which can help you scale up your small business to the next level. This show starts off with Emily sharing her background information. Emily reveals how she has transitioned from being a VA to running a 30-person company at […]

SMM 054 | Is It Time To Design Your Best Life?

In today’s Carol shares HOW you can overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges that are stopping you from leading your most amazing life. Are you feeling bogged down by life’s monotony? Unsure how to lead the life that you have always envisioned for yourself? You are not alone. Most of us are yet to discover what […]

SMM 053 | Lexi Miles | The Journey to Build a Franchise

In this episode, we interview Lexi Miles, Founder, Waxon Waxbar. Lexi shares how she launched and grew her business, Waxon Waxbar to 13 locations across Canada. This show starts off with Lexi revealing her background information. Prior to Waxbar, Lexi was a successful management consultant. Why did Lexi chuck her corporate job to follow her […]

SMM 052 | How to Beat the Dreaded Energy Slump

You are having a perfectly productive day, checking things off your to-do list like a boss. But come 2 pm, and suddenly the dreaded mid-afternoon slump creeps in. Your eyes start to glaze, and it becomes impossible for you to focus. In this show, Carol shares some effective ways via which you can beat your […]

SMM 051 | Lauren McPhillips | How to Grow Your Blog and Email List

In this episode, we interview Lauren McPhillips, founder, This Renegade Love. Lauren shares some excellent strategies for creating and marketing an online business. This show starts off with Lauren sharing how she quit the corporate world to start her own blog, This Renegade Love. Was this a particularly difficult decision for Lauren? You will learn […]

SMM 050 | What I Have Learned Podcasting My First 50 Episodes

Today’s show is a special one as we record our 50th show. In today’s solo, Carol shares some of the most important lessons that she has learned in as a podcast host of the “So Much More” show. Carol, normally a quick decision-maker took more than a year to push out the “So Much More” […]

SMM 048 | How to Break Through your Fears

  In today’s show, Carol reveals some commonsense, yet extremely powerful philosophies that will allow you to bust your fears, discover your authentic self, and lead the life that you have always envisioned. Why is it that the fear of unknown paralyzes us, and inhibits us from taking action? Everyone feels fear. Yet, there are […]