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My Story

All my life I was searching. I never had a clear purpose. I went to school, I graduated I found things that interested me. But I never really gave my 100% effort.

In my 20’s I chased happy. I was outgoing, social, went to parties and hung with the cool kids. But I still had no purpose. I never felt a calling or a drive to become anything.

I got a degree in a subject that interested me, with no real idea of what to do with it.

I just kind of drifted through life.  

1997 was my first window into what you put into words you make happen. I wrote sporadically in a journal and this time I wrote...
"I am almost 28 years old, no serious boyfriend how am I going to settle down and have kids. I want to be a MOM"
1 week later I met the man who would become the father of my kids.  
By the time I was 30 I was married. Had my first baby at 31. Then 33, then 34. Back to back to back babies in 37 months. 

I thought that was my purpose. My only reason to exist. 

I gave my all to them, every waking moment I was being a mom. I was trying to keep a perfect home, raise perfect kids, with perfect food for them, and have them stimulated 24/7 to be a good mom because that’s what everyone was doing so I had to right?

I let the relationship with my then husband fall away because there was no real compatibility there so I took away any effort there. I took any effort off of anything for ME also because I was so exhausted there was nothing left I had to save my energy for my kids because they were the important ones. I chalked it up to being a mom, and this is what it is supposed to be like. Empty, tired, cranky, miserable.

When the kids napped or any time I could, I sat on the couch and read fitness magazines, watched fitness infomercials, put in fitness DVD’s all while eating eggo waffles, with syrup and chocolate sauce. DAILY! I used to see these women and think how lucky they were to have the “fit gene” that I must be missing, that they were so LUCKY to naturally look this way. Or there was NO WAY they had children like me. You know, they had all day long to just hang out and be fit!

I lived like this for YEARS. My hobbies were – eating foods loaded with carbs and sugar, shopping to find clothes that I felt good in, the more expensive the better it would hide my squish, and gossiping and bitching about the people who were happy, in love, healthy, and breaking them down for how strange and probably fake they were. My tribe consisted of other women who would join me in the bitch fest.

I was lonely, had no drive and no passion for anything. Of course I loved my kids to no end, they were my joy my soul. But I had lost ME and become their MOM.  
What happened to Carol?  
I had done all the different approaches to losing weight. For a week or so, maybe 4 weeks tops and then go back to my old ways. I would rock it out Monday – Thursday and then celebrate my great 4 days with 3 more days of eating and drinking anything. 

I would go out to eat and have the bread basket a salad, an app, a main dish and a desert. Roll out of the restaurant and look in the mirror at night bloated and round. And wonder “when it was going to magically stop” 

There was no passion in my marriage so how I felt about myself really made no difference I thought.

Then it happened. That dreaded vacation photo. But not one of the horrible ones of me in a bathing suit. One of me all dressed up in an expensive dress, when I felt I had managed to make my hair big enough to balance off my butt. And I looked OLD, SAD, and UNRECOGNISABLE to me.

The photo’s told the truth. No Sparkle.  
I started and stopped a good 5 times. I have the journal entries of when I would put the date, my weight and say “ he we go… this time I’m all in” Then 3 months later another one “ ok Today I will eat clean of go for walks” 

Then a month later “ What’s wrong with me? Why is this so hard? Why am I always failing at this? Why can’t I say NO to food?”

The moment I decided I needed accountability and a group for support was the moment everything changed for me. Forever.

I signed up for a bootcamp with 5 women – 3 days a week for a month. I almost died! For real. I went to bed with A535 and hot water bottles all over my body!

I spent the first 2 weeks working out hard and not doing anything with my food.

I said thee workouts are not working…. I’m doing everything and nothing is changing!!! When asked if I was following the food plan I was given I said “ sure am… Monday – Friday I am awesome!” It was then I learned how much damage a weekend of eating can do! When I learned that all my weekly effort was going to burn off the calories from the weekend I started to really wonder if that food was worth it.

I decided to go all in – for 30 days. Clean eating and body weight workouts.

The change in 30 days was amazing. I didn’t see it happening with my own eyes. But I took weekly pictures and when spread them out- I was blown away. So I went after another month, and another and another. I started to get into a habit. Having someone call me out for skipping a workout or not staying on top of my food goals helped a LOT.
I decided to step on a stage in a fitness show at 39 years old! That became so much fun!  
I realized that my kids survived without me every second. I learned to wake up early and do things for ME before they woke up.. I realized that I was not being selfish for taking this time. I was sleeping better, feeling happier, and was working hard at my goals. They deserved to watch a mom who loved herself as much as she loved them. 

Along the way I learned so much about myself and a life that I was willing to live. I was not content to live with an OK life. An OK marriage. OK health. I wanted to LIVE all in, in every area. 

My marriage ended. I was back in the work force after being a stay-at- home mom for over 10 years. I moved my kids from their friends. And I took time to focus on ME. 

What I came to realize was that I wanted to help other women get over their hurdles, struggle’s, and fears. To be a voice in their ear telling them that it’s OK to take time and do something good for you. That ANYTHING is possible in your life when you put your head down lock out the negative noises from others and mostly yourself. That we are ALL the same and our journeys are hard. To have them see the greatness in themselves and then spread that out into their lives.

I now know that my journey is exactly how it was supposed to be. Every aspect of my physical and emotional struggle was put in place to that I can take my experience and use it to fuel someone else.

I no longer feel like I am drifting, but rather than I am being pulled along in life for this purpose. My life is filled with passion in all areas. My children are thriving, happy and motivate me daily. They are still my greatest joy and sparkle. Its just now I see myself as worthy for their love, and the love of others. I am married again to the greatest man I have ever met. I am surrounded by wonderful people on their own journeys in life.   

Because I have done this… so can YOU! I am here to help.