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My Story

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined living the life I am living. I was a good student, went to university and choose a subject I did well with. I never pushed hard to “be the best.” I was okay just getting by. After University I had many odd jobs… again… just getting by. Nothing ever fired me up and made me want to put in any extra effort. Waitressing, courier, wholesale fashion sales, pharma rep to name a few. 

I got married at 30 and set out to do the only thing I was ever certain of… becoming a mother. Three kids in three years and I was ALL IN. I threw everything I had into being a mom. I thought I had to keep up with what others were doing, so I exhausted myself to try to be the “best” mom I could. 

As my kids got a little older I dabbled in a few ”work from home” opportunities for my father (a true entrepreneur). But, I never felt a connection to them, so they soon fizzled out. At that time I was financially secure so the “need” was not there. I did, however, feel that something in my life was lacking. I loved my kids but I felt incomplete.

I started on a road to physical transformation. ( READ THAT STORY HERE) On that journey, I learned that no matter what program or plan I had to follow, if I had no belief in myself, nothing was ever going to change. I set out on a real path to better myself…. To love myself and release all the negativity in my life. This brought about many hard decisions, including getting a divorce from my kids’ dad. He’s a great dad, but he wasn’t a great match for me and who I really was meant to be.   
That was a REAL eye opener. I was now 40 years old with no relevant skills in the marketplace since I’d spent the last 11 years at home raising babies. I was terrified. I no longer could just “coast” through life. 

I was hired at a fashion retailer of fitness clothing. By now, fitness was a big part of my life, so I thought it would be a good fit. I figured I would work my butt off and end up at a head office somewhere as I did not want to stand on a floor folding clothes for a living. The hardship came that I now had to be away from my kids. After being there for EVERYTHING, I now had to put them in before and after school programs and I couldn’t be there for ANYTHING. Each day my heart broke a little more. I just couldn’t get the concept of having 14 days off in a year to myself. By the end of my first 3 weeks, I had already used 5 of those days to be home with a sick child.

This was the first moment my ENTREPRENEUR alter ego started to show up. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I knew I could not look at this way of life. I had to make a good living for myself. I was crushed by the thought of working for someone else so they could take vacations with their kids while I couldn’t see mine.

I took a chance and created an online program to help as many women as I could on their fitness journey. It started small, but I gave them my all! I wanted to help other women see the true potential of themselves. At this point I was still focused on physical transformations. I soon had a clear window into the minds of women, and I saw myself in each of them… the pain, fear, and frustration.

I started really digging deep into personal development and helping women through their barriers. Along the way, I was introduced to the world of network marketing. I’m the type of person who trusts her gut. I try things before I pass judgement. So I lept, and joined my first network marketing company in 2011. I saw a huge potential for myself to leave the retail position and be at home. Within 6 months I was earning 5 figures a month and growing. For 2 years, I built a business with my online community as well as my direct sales company.

There were things that started to run me down. This multi-level marketing company didn’t teach me how to help others. Some things about the products started to not sit well with me and the month end flushing of the compensation plan was getting exhausting. So, I decided to leave. As I lost my faith in that company, I felt like couldn’t be excited anymore and to be honest- I lost faith in the entire industry.

I thought that was it, that I had to go get a “job.” But the burning desire to do more was there… to be more… I felt it. Something told me to keep looking, to study the industry of network marketing. I needed to learn the differences between the companies out there and to find one that fit my criteria. What I learned very quickly was that Multi-Level marketing was out dated - was old school and did not have the best interest of the new person in mind. I learned that Network Marketing, totally different from an mlm plan perspective literally took the most important parts of business… Networking and Marketing and put them together. MIND BLOWN!   
In 2013, I found my forever home.
I have found a passion and a purpose far beyond helping women with their physical selves. I want to help them with their sense of worth as a leader and a contributor to their families, community and the world. I want to help women who are where I was… lost, scared and spiraling down. I want to help those women see their own potential. I am now earning multiple multiple multiple 6 figures of residual income on pace to be a 7 figure annual earner by 2020.

I have cumulative earned over a million dollars personal income with my company in 5 years time. All while being present and active as an “at home momma”. I do not say any of this to brag, but to show you what is possible. I see that I always had this inside of me; I just needed to be in a fight-or-flight situation to make it happen. Now my success has come from helping others make a difference in their own lives. Seeing other women create 6 figure annual incomes, many create additional 5 figure incomes and others just dabble for pocket money makes my heart explode.

Even more is seeing these women step into their confidence and own their Powerful Life… I’m obsessed with that!

I was blessed to be named the Heart of my company for 2017! With all of the trophies I have won in fitness along my journey, this is by FAR the best award. To be voted on by my peers shows me that stepping into my own potential has been the right thing to do for all the right reasons. It has now become my passion to educate others of what Network Marketing really is…. So they can make choices based on knowledge. I shudder to think where I would be in my life if it were not for this industry. 

I have stepped into more and more adventures like starting my own podcast, So Much More, speaking at events and just seeing what is possible in life.

I want to help anyone I can step into their own power and see the value they bring to this world.