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Shining Praise

Carol has your back. Whether she’s coaching you to your healthiest self, or helping cast the vision for your financial future, she has a heart to serve. I met Carol when I needed a roadmap to feel better physically, and now she’s one of the most valuable mentors in my business. I am so blessed to have her in my life.

What a blessing in my life! We have such mutual appreciation for one another and how we work together so powerfully as a team. Carol is one of the most passionate, motivated, visionary women I’ve worked with in my career. She is capable of leading thousands of people at one time and is one of those women everyone wants to be around.

Carol Elizabeth is a passionate leader teacher and mentor. The example she sets for us all to reach greater heights is truly one of kind. I love working with her and recommend her highly as a trainer, speaker or coach

Carol has ignited a spark within me that I didn’t know existed. She has shown me how to empower myself not only in my physical transformation, but in so many other aspects of life as well.

Carol Elizabeth is powerfully authentic in how she connects with people. She naturally and consistently speaks to the best in everyone she coaches. Carol is the definition of vulnerability in power.

Carol Elizabeth is a one-of-a kind woman who literally exudes authenticity, inspiration and strength. She empowers so many to step in and walk into their own path of greatness. Supporting them along the path of abundant growth - mind body and spirit. Carol Elizabeth is truly - the ultimate game-changer!

Gold Shimmer