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My Mission

What your feeling… I have felt.

Where you struggle… I have struggled.

My purpose is to help you see it thru.

For you to know you are WORTHY.

In the last 3.5 years I have been blessed to help 1000’s of women on their own journey.  I will tell you all the things I wish someone had told me.  I will pull you up when your low… I will call you out when your hiding.  I will make you realize your reasons for not being able to do this are the EXACT reason you MUST do it!!

Jobs, Children, Marriage, Divorce,  Single Mom whatever it is – I’ve been almost all of that!

The cycle of going all in for 2 weeks and seeing no changes on the scale or in the mirror has us throw in the towel over and over and over again.  We look at things that can help us FAST but those never last.  I want to help you make the LIFESTYLE change.  That starts with your mindset on this journey.  This is why I will be helping you TUNE into you thoughts.  I have learned that the most important part of this for everyone is your BELIEF that you can even make the change.

Month after month we will have different challenges to focus on.  It is time to forgive and stop knocking yourself down  It’s time to start loving yourself where you are at RIGHT NOW!  It’s time to start focusing on the good things and what you are proud of each day.  Spending time with your thoughts and focusing on how powerful you really are in this moment!  I know you can do this!  I got you girl!

I’m giving you all the tools you need to create a solid foundation, a happy, strong and sexy  mind and body—from the inside out.

When you become a member of my be F.I.T wellness program for your mind, body & soul you’ll receive all the tools you need and more support than you could ever imagine.


Simple and Effective Home Workouts E Program

Are you looking for less SQUISH and more SLIM?

Do you want to be told EXACTLY what to eat and what to do so you don’t have to think?

Do you need a workout routine that can be done at home?

Do you want to know why you feel like you just can’t get it together?

Then the CE ME SLIM DOWN program is for YOU!

Meals + Movement + Motivation = YOUR SUCCESS!

The community is the missing link to success I feel, this is why I developed the programs this way.

I know what I needed on my journey was SUPPORT!

What You Get

  • 6 weeks of meal plans for you to follow that tells you exactly what to eat and when. So simple. TRUST me, I do not have time for complicated either!
  • Full body weight function workouts you can do at home in whatever time you have to spare
  • Mindset activities to help guide your though your journey
  • A Facebook community for you to tap into for support with others who are sharing the journey with you.

What You Need

  • Set of Dumbells – 10 and 15 pounds ideal if you can
  • Skipping Rope
  • Yoga Mat
  • Running Shoes
  • Stability Ball
  • Resistance Bands
  • A Determined Mind

CE ME Tone Up

A Fat Blasting Program That Increases Lean Muscle E Program

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Looking for nice round Shoulder?

A Firm BUTT that is not sagging in pants?

A strong mind muscle?

The CE ME Tone Up E program will give you to tools you need to not only lose body fat and gain energy in the short term.

Are you used to going to the gym and walking around with no guidance and no idea what to do to get you RESULTS?

The Tone Up program was created to help teach you what you need to know and to be with you along this journey. This is where you will really able to SCULPT that physique your after.

You will learn the difference here between WORKING out and TRAINING so that you get those desired results you are after.

This is still a fat blasting program- where by also increasing lean muscle you will burn even MORE body fat.

What you Get

  • 6 weeks of free weight and machine based workouts to do at a gym
  • 6 weeks of simple to follow meal plans to maximize muscle growth and fat loss
  • A private FB community of amazing woman on the same journey as you
  • Mindset activities to help make a lifelong change
  • Cardio progression program

“This program has provided me the tools to get results and boy have I gotten results!”

I have made many revelations over the last 4 and a half months. I have used food as comfort for years and as I got bigger my confidence went down. It has been a slippery slope for many years. This program has provided me the tools to get results and boy have I gotten results! I make better choices when I eat out, if I get a craving or I am tempted by some of my old favourites I stop and ask myself why. This is huge for me, knowing I have control now and food doesn’t. My confidence is growing every week not only in how I look, but it is spilling over into all aspects of my life.”
– Jen G

A program that guarantees results almost immediately with the mind and body. Supportive yet, a no nonsense approach to getting you back on track and finding the ultimate you!’’ – Marissa

Carol – Wow. It blows my mind how selfless this person is. As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She wanted success for us so bad and she gave us support in a loving nurturing way. Praised us when we did well. Read all of our facebook posts. Always there to answer questions. So real! So humble. She has been blessed with a gift to teach and she is paying it forward.’’ – Bobbi

CE ME Newsletter

CE Wellness Guide

Your information will never be given to a third party.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a downloadable e-program as soon as you sign up.  Check your Junk Folder or other tabs if using Gmail.  And issues email carolelizabethinfo@gmail.com subject: download
For the Slim Down No – as long as you have the few pieces of equipment we have laid out in the CE Slim Down program you can do this at home. If you do have a gym membership then even better as you will have more variety with the weights and cardio equipment etc. But most of our existing members do this at home! The Tone Up program requires a gym with full range of free weights as well as machines to take your physique to the next level.
No – there are no specific product requirements that you have to purchase. However, I do support and endorse the Isagenix product line for many reasons. I lay out the protein requirements so as long as your favourite fits in with that, then its all good. If you would like to look at the product line I use Click Here
No -The plan’s are designed for fat blasting, metabolic full body conditioning. Therefore, the plan meets everyone’s goals of weight loss and toning. These workouts are designed to help you shed body fat and build lean muscle. Most people’s bodies will respond to this program.  It is not until we look to take on another level that we need to work with a specific plan.  If you are looking for a program specific to you we can do that also. Contact me at carolelizabethinfo@gmail.com for more information
That really depends on your and your goals – you can control how this program works for you.  The ideal for healthy mind and body is 3-4 days a week of exercise.
The plan does include cardio and the workouts are designed to keep your body in the fat burning state. The cardio you do will depend on your goals- but it is there for you if you want it.
The CE ME Slim Down and CE ME Tone Up programs are for BOTH! Each workout has modifications based on your level. You can increase the weights used and the speed that you go to increase intensity and challenge yourself. The CE ME Tone Up requires a general understanding of lifting weights – but video demo’s etc can help you gain more knowledge and proper form.
Yes, the key to success of the program is fueling your body for fat loss. The meal plans are simple and effective and are made for busy lives. If I have dietary restrictions will the plan address that? The plan is very specific- but we can help you make adjustments and suggestions to meet your needs. That is the beauty of the FB group for helping you.
One look at the testimonials and you will see that you can expect great results.  If you are willing to put in great effort.  This is not about 6 weeks to a life change.  This is a journey, and I am here to teach you how to create a healthy and balanced life.  The workouts are designed for toning, tightening and sustained fat loss when you learn how to LIVE FIT!
No No No! In order to gain muscle you have to eat and train specifically for that based on your own body. The CE ME Slim Down will get you on the road to long lean toned muscles! And will help you burn more fat at rest when you change the makeup of your body compensation. The CE ME Tone Up teaches you how to work on body parts for improved muscle mass. Women can not naturally get “thick and bulky”.
That all depends what your goals are. The average weight loss in the CE ME Slim Down is 10-15 pounds. To someone who only has that to lose they will be set, but for others who have 40-80 plus pounds to lose it will take a few sessions. But every 6 weeks there will be results that will bring you closer and closer to your goals!
You can move from the Slim Down to the Tone up program. If you are one that needs more accountability you may want to look at joining my F.I.T wellness program– a monthly program that has me in it daily and is much more interactive.

*Please consult your physician before beginning this or any exercise program.

This is especially important for persons over age 35 or persons with pre-existing health problems. Carol Elizabeth and Rockstar Canada Global assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property damage sustained by or through the use of this program.

The advice given via Carol Elizabeth on this website or in other communications is in no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Discontinue any exercise that causes you pain, severe discomfort, nausea, dizziness, or shortness of breath and consult a medical professional. Start slowly and at the level that is appropriate for you. Not all exercise plans are suitable for everyone. By clicking Buy Now you have agreed that you are free and clear to exercise.